Quentin Quire’s T-Shirts Appreciation Pt. 4

Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 1 #37, 39, 42 & Vol. 2 #1-4


when u start liking the antagonist 


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i don’t go to parties!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awkward . drink tea n books haha socially awk all kind of awk. never se x what is it what is bo yfriend lmao i sheousd jst be a lesbo!! also like cats

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i dont know if theres such a thing as over feeding feeder birds but im getting worried there is. The birds around my house are starting to look like tennis balls with feets.


The Expeditions Trilogy

Don’t lie, these were three of your favorite movies in childhood. Unfortunately none of them had great financial success at the box office, which left them as stand alone films. Apparently had El Dorado done well there were going to be more Miguel and Tulio films featuring them visiting other marvels of civilization conducting various con jobs. Atlantis was going to have an animated TV series and Disney World attractions that got scuttled after the movie performed poorly. Treasure Planet apparently almost got a sequel too but that’s all we know about that. Thematically, all they have in common are expeditions to hidden places for legendary secrets, but dammit if they don’t fit together perfectly. One thing is for certain though, no one should have to watch Atlantis: Milo’s Return.

The Road to El Dorado (2000)
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
Treasure Planet (2002)

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  • YA Book: wHite yoUng girl!!!1!
  • YA Book: sHe is difFERenT!!!!!1!!@
  • YA Book: speciAL pOWer!!!-!!
  • YA Book: cute boY love HeR!!!
  • YA Book: bUTttttt
  • Ya Book: anOTher boy alsO??? love heR?!?!??!!!
  • Ya Book: HOw will sHe cHOOse!!?!?!?!?1!! aNd save wORld?????!?!!

Men holding kittens for the first time

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He toss my salad like his name Romaine.

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just finished 2 slide shows and 4 pages of physics and now i finally got to read a few issues of wolverine and the xmen


underappreciated ladies of animation ➞ requested by sansaspark

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My Moon Stick finally arrived in perfect condition and I’m so happy!! I wrote a blog post and review on it over on my blog, so please feel free to check that out! 

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ahhhh everyones reblogging the metropolis gifset but dont know where its from eveRYONE ITS FROM A MOVIE CALLED METROPOLIS (2001) AND IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES FROM MY CHILDHOOD YOU’VE GOTTA WATCH IT. THE SCENERY IS TO DIE FOR


orph is not amused (x)

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